Coquina Seawall Repair & Installation

When it comes to installing a coquina seawall on your property make sure you check out the company you are going to hire. If you go to the Brevard County Licensed Contractor search – – and type “Integrity Marine” in the box that says “Business Name” then click “Find a Licensed Contractor” you will be able to see our information including our General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. Not only that, Integrity Marine holds longshoreman insurance to be in compliance with regulations for coquina seawall installations from the water. With so many tight properties and HOA requirements we offer multiple, compliant ways to get the job done for your unique property.

Why Coquina Seawalls?

Not only is it an aesthetic option; coquina is an amazing seawall material especially when it comes to rough shore waters. If you’ve every been on a tour in St. Augustine, you learn that coquina can actually absorb a cannonball! With that thought in mind, coquina seawalls help to absorb the energy from the rough waters keeping the rest of the property from feeling heavy vibrations.

Coquina Seawall Installation

Do you live in an area where coquina seawalls are the required material to preserve the natural coastline? If so, you have found your go-to company! We can install from the water or shore while preserving the surrounding environment as well as your property line.

Coquina Seawall Repair

Whether you need repairs, additions or changes to your coquina seawall, we can get your property line protected and back to optimal performance. No matter what time of year, we want to stop the next storm surge from causing any added damage to your property. Especially if it could have been prevented!

Coquina Seawalls by Integrity